Still can't decide to do an online MBA?

Having a professional activity or a position in a certain company cannot be an excuse for not studying an MBA. If you really want it, you can resort to the option of doing an online MBA. Do you like the idea?

If our time is characterized by something, it is because it offers us the possibility of being in various places even when we do not make an appearance. New technologies allow us to travel great distances in just a couple of seconds. Just press a button or activate a profile on a certain platform.

Well, this is the main virtue of an online MBA: it can be done anywhere in the world and interact with people located in opposite or distant geographical points. Everything is at your fingertips!

The current value of online MBAs

It is time that we eradicate the idea that an MBA is studied in a huge classroom, formally decorated and in which students must attend in long gowns and caps. Surely you have seen the same image more than once in North American movies.

Well, you should know that it is a wrong idea that must be eliminated from the imagination of a good part of the students who have interests in completing their professional training in business management and business.

On the contrary, the spaces destined to the teaching of an MBA are increasingly interactive, dynamic and open to different audiences. In fact, if we go to the heart of the matter, some of them no longer even require the presence of students as a prerequisite. These are the times of the Internet!

Of course, the idea is not to diminish the quality of the programs that are taught digitally. Rather, it is about taking advantage of the advantages that technological resources offer us to bring professional training options closer to those people who otherwise could not enroll in such a program.

That is why an online MBA is so attractive for a certain type of public, especially for all those professionals who are active in the labor market and who aspire that this is not an impediment to expand their training.

What do you earn by studying an online MBA?

In addition to expanding your training, updating your knowledge, reinforcing and improving your profile and increasing your options of occupying a position of high responsibility, an online MBA helps you solve all those issues related to travel and time, which in programs of these characteristics play a determining role. Let's review some of its advantages:

Possibility of combining it with another activity:

Let's start with the first: doing an online MBA is perfect so that you don't have to interrupt other activities that you dedicate yourself to, whether they have to do with business and business management or not. Studying from home and in front of your own computer screen allows you a greater margin of action in this regard.

What is the average price of an online MBA?

To answer this question, the first thing you should know is that there are elements that determine the cost of one program or another, for example the reputation of the school or study center, the contents of the program, the MBA approaches, the technological facilities and even the language in which it is taught.

The place where we want to do an online MBA also influences. The destinations par excellence have been and continue to be the United Kingdom and the United States, two countries with an enormous tradition in teaching complementary training programs for recent graduates, professionals or even senior executives.

In recent years, Spain has entered the list of preferred destinations for students and professionals from the rest of Europe, Latin American countries and other parts of the world. Barcelona and Madrid, its two main capitals, account for a large part of the training offer of these characteristics.

An online MBA is comparatively cheaper than an in-person MBA. The range of offerings in Spanish is almost as wide as those taught in English. To give a couple of facts, some experts speak of programs ranging from € 45,000 in highly reputable schools to € 25,000 in more modest ones.

However, keep in mind that this information may vary depending on the elements we have mentioned before and your own needs.

So let's go back to the initial question: have you still not decided to do an online MBA? You already know both the benefits and the characteristics of this type of program, so this is no time for doubts. Cheer up! Technology is your best ally to expand your professional training in the area of ​​business and project management.

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