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originated in the early s. XX when the industrial revolution was still fresh and in the United States was experiencing an unprecedented stage of economic growth. It was in this context that the Amos Tuck School of Administration and Finance appeared, an institution that convened the first MBA in history where only four people enrolled.

It was not until the 1950s that the MBA became more respectable to the business world and left the borders to reach Europe.

But the real MBA began when several MBA models appear, such as the Online MBA, such as the one offered by CEUPE European Postgraduate Center and endorsed by the University of Alcalá, being a good alternative, since it is cheaper than a face-to-face master's degree and its content has nothing to envy. In addition, this modality allows you to study at the pace that each person imposes with the support of a tutor who guides you throughout the training process.

93% of students studying for an online MBA get a job with a salary 20% higher than the average, according to a study prepared by the consultant.

The objective of the Online MBA is to train the student to formulate and implement successful business management strategies entering each of the areas of the company. It trains managers capable of evaluating the marketing plans and the ideal channels to market the products or services; control logistics operations and plans; information systems and technologies; Human Resources; and the economic-financial situation. In short, provide the essential knowledge for proper business management in any of the aspects of an organization.

Deciding to study an Online MBA is an arduous task, since there are various aspects to consider such as the program, the price or career opportunities, among others.

An Online MBA is a degree highly valued by companies and also increases the possibilities of developing within the field of business management. But it also requires time, effort and money.
The online MBA is aimed at higher graduates with work experience and professionals who, having worked in companies as middle managers, wish to improve their job position. The reality of today shows that if you do not have a master's degree, it is very difficult to find or improve work. After completing a master's degree in business management and administration, the evolution is evident. A functional director of an SME can become a CEO or functional director of a large company. In the case of an intermediate position, for example, a Product Manager may become a Marketing Director or a Director or Manager of an SME.

Through the case methodology, the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) focuses on equipping and strengthening knowledge in two large groups. Core: Marketing, Finance and Human Resources; and transversal: the rest of the knowledge areas and especially focused on the branch of communication.

The future student of an MBA should not forget that studying it requires discipline and is a great bet for a professional future. Among the benefits that exist when completing a master's degree in MBA are:

  • It improves the qualification and gives greater value to the student before the companies.

  • Provides strong leadership.

  • It is one of the most demanded areas by companies.

  • The initial investment is usually recovered within a few years of its completion.

  • It endows a strong global vision of the company.

  • It offers a large network of contacts that may be useful in the future.

  • It provides security and knowledge to undertake.

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